Health and Nutrition Benefits of Basil Seeds

What are Basil seeds?

Basil seeds originate from the sweet basil plant (Ocimum bascilicum),

They are also known as sabja seeds or Tukmaria seeds. They are black in color and look almost like black sesame seeds.

This herb is usually grown in warm tropical climates and is known to originate from tropical regions of Africa and Asia.

The plants and seeds have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine and are known to have therapeutic benefits.

It can be an excellent addition to your daily diet; just soak them in a glass of water for 15-20 minutes before consumption. The soaked seeds can help cleanse the internal system and support a healthy gut.

What are Basil seeds good for?

1. Treats Acidity and Constipation

Sweet basil seeds contain water when soaked, which helps in soothing the stomach lining, and their diuretic function flushes out all the toxins from the body.

They are also high in fiber. Food rich in fiber helps soften the feces and promotes good bowel movement.

2. Controls the Blood Sugar Level

It helps regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes because of the dietary fiber. Studies also suggest daily consumption of soaked basil seeds can improve insulin sensitivity in the body.

3. Good for Summers

Basil seeds have been widely used in Asian countries like India and Thailand to beat the summer heat and stay hydrated. It also efficiently lowers the body heat and acts as a natural coolant.

Ayurvedic treatments also suggest using these seeds to pacify an imbalance in Vata and pitta dosha.

4. Helps in Weight-Loss

One tablespoon of sabja seeds contains 7 grams of fiber (25% of the recommended dietary intake). Because of the high fiber content, Sabja can keep you full for a long time and reduce your fast-food cravings.

5. Helps Repair Skin Cells

It detoxifies the internal system and keeps several skin issues at bay. It also contains a good amount of antioxidants and flavonoids, which help in the growth of new skin cells, and it’s also known to treat different kinds of skin infections like Psoriasis and Eczema.

Side Effects of Basil Seeds

As basil seeds are known to increase the estrogen levels in our body, Pregnant women should consult their doctors before consumption.

The Vitamin K content in them may increase the chances of blood clotting and may also interfere with blood-thinning drugs.

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