Difference between Lemon and Lime

Have you always found yourself confused between picking Lemon and Lime?

This article should help you find the differences between the two.

two lemon and two lime slices kept on a brown surface

Lemon and lime are used in many culinary and non-culinary preparation.

Even though they come from the same family, their taste and appearance set them apart.


lemon slice kept in a brown bowl above a wooden cutting board with lemon slices below and knife and yellow kitchen towel.

Lemon botanical name (citrus lemon) is an oval-shaped bright yellow fruit native to South Asia but grown extensively worldwide.

Lemon juice contains more citric acid, which makes them slightly healthier because of the higher vitamin c content than limes.

Lemons and lime are both citrusy. However, the aftertaste of lemon is sweet compared to the bitter taste of limes.

The culinary uses of lemon include juices, marmalade, and lemonade.

And the outer portion of the lemon (lemon zest) is grated to flavor baked goods, pudding, and various food preparations.


A white bowl full of green lime kept on a brown wooden surface

Limes botanical name (citrus aurantiifolia)

They are usually smaller in shape than lemons and are bright green. However, they do turn yellow as they ripen.

It is usually easy to identify them because of their small and round shape.

In terms of taste, limes have a somewhat citrusy and bitter taste compared to lemons.

Alternatively, you may use limes to prepare lemon juice and lemonades; however, make sure to skip lime juice in a dessert as it leaves a sour and bitter aftertaste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lime and Lemon the same?

Lime and Lemons have more or less the same nutritional value, but their taste and shape set them apart.

Can Lime be used in place of a Lemon?

-You may use limes for a refreshing drink or any non-culinary preparation. However, you may want to avoid using them in a dessert as it leaves a sour and bitter aftertaste.

Instead, make sure to use lemons for any recipe that calls for a dessert.