Coconut Water Benefits for Skin and Overall Health

This article highlights the Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Overall Health.

The Coconut tree is a member of the palm tree family (Cocos nucifera) and was first grown in Asia’s subtropical regions.

Two tender coconuts and a glass of coconut water with coconut meat within kept on a brown surface

It is a tropical and coastal fruit that grows best in a hot and humid climate as it needs adequate warmth and moisture.

Moreover, The coconut tree is termed the “Tree of life.” The tree can be used in several ways. The leaves, shells, and husks can be used to make ropes, furniture, and baskets.

Coconut is regarded as auspicious and carries spiritual significance in countries like India and Vietnam.

Just a cup (250 ml) of this Nature’s drink contains 95% water, full of electrolytes, and is excellent for hydration.

  • Calcium-6% of DV(daily value)
  • Magnesium- 15% of DV
  • Potassium-17% of DV.
  • Manganese-17% of DV.
  • Vitamin C-10% of DV
  • Sodium-11% of DV 

Benefits of Coconut Water for Skin and Overall Health

1. Promotes Smooth and Glowing Skin-

Coconut water gained a lot of fame due to various TV commercials. This magical fruit contains several skin-friendly B-vitamins known to increase collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Coconut water is also beneficial in treating skin dryness as it contains hydrating and moisturizing properties.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure-

Coconut water contains potassium, an essential mineral required to regulate blood pressure and maintain proper fluid balance and water retention.

It is also vital in maintaining bone and muscle health.

3. Excellent for a Hangover or a Post-Workout Drink-

A glass of coconut water with straw and lemon slice and coconut cut in half kept on the brown surface below.

Too many alcoholic drinks or severe workout sessions can result in loss of body fluids and cause dehydration.

Coconut water is high in electrolytes, namely potassium, magnesium, and sodium which assist in replenishing the lost electrolytes and helps in refueling the body. 

4. Good for Diabetics-

Diabetics should stay clear of sweet and sugary drinks except for coconut water.

Coconut water is naturally sweetened, with meager calories. However, high in electrolytes like potassium and magnesium.

Studies suggest that coconut water consumption may improve the blood sugar in people with diabetes, having said that it has to be the unsweetened version. (i.e., no added sugar).

5. Suitable for Pregnancy-

Pregnancy can bring in many physical, mental, and physiological changes in the body.

Coconut water helps you replenish the moisture during those sick days and fills you with several vitamins and nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy.

However, it’s best to consult your doctor to know the exact quantity and right time to consume it during pregnancy.

6. Contains Antioxidants-

Coconut water contains many antioxidants known to protect the body from oxidative stress and prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals.

(Free radicals are small molecular substances produced by the body when exposed to environmental pollutants like smoke, radiation, or heat.


  • Coconut water is a hydrating drink that is safe to consume, and it helps achieve a healthy and hydrated body.
  • It is a very efficient and suitable replacement for all sugary beverages like cola, soda, and other sweetened drinks.

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