Best Vegan Milk for Chai Latte

Confused about which vegan milk goes best for chai latte? This post shall help you decide.

A glass filled with vegan milk chai and garnished with star anise kept on a table lined with white towel

Did you know that “Chai” is a Hindi word for Tea, And calling it chai tea means simply saying Tea Tea Twice? That sounds a Lil crazy, Isn’t It? 🙂

Hence I prefer writing it as a chai latte in my post instead of a chai tea latte.

First, the Difference between Chai and Masala Chai

Chai means black Tea brewed with Milk and Sugar, Whereas Masala chai means Black Tea brewed with spices, Milk, and Sugar.

As famously known in India, “Chai” is a popular tea beverage prepared with tea leaves, Milk, and Sugar.

The traditional way of making Indian Masala Chai is by simmering Black tea leaves with water and spices until it comes to a rolling boil and then adding Milk and Sugar before serving it hot.

Which type of Milk is traditionally used in Chai?

Let me also highlight that the traditional Indian Masala chai uses Cow’s Milk for a thicker and creamier taste; however, you can enjoy a similar taste using various types of vegan Milk.

So the question comes which is the best vegan Milk for Chai?

A glass filled with vegan milk chai and garnished with star anise kept on a table lined with white towel

Which Vegan Milk is Best for Chai Latte?

1. Almond Milk– If you like your Chai latte to be less thick and milky, you may want to add almond milk to your chai as the almond milk has a more watery and thinner consistency.

2. Soy Milk– I have been using soy milk for my chai latte as it’s the cheapest and readily available here in Singapore. Soy milk is not as thick and creamy as Cow’s Milk; however, it does taste good in chai latte. A little tip for you guys while making chai latte, avoid adding water entirely and brew the spices. sweetener and Tea leave with just soy milk. Please give it a rolling boil and serve it hot.

3. Oat Milk- The best and the closest to Cow’s Milk is Oat milk because of its thick creamy flavor if you want to have a thicker tea. Oat milk it is.

If you plan to try Oat Milk, go for the unsweetened oat milk, as it has the best flavor and no extra additives.

All the lovely people out there, do drop a comment and let me know what worked for you.

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