What are the Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee- one of the world’s most consumed beverages, brewed and made from roasted coffee beans.

It is one of the commodities that has seen infinite growth in consumption with each passing year.

A white tea cup full of coffee with saucer full of coffee beans and a sack of coffee beans placed below on a black surface

Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia but is now widely grown all around the globe.

Coffee is a stimulant plant and not a type of food as it stimulates the central nervous system.

Reports tell that Coffee is known to cause anxiety and insomnia to some. However, the pros of coffee always outweigh the cons.

Nutrients found in coffee.

Vitamin B5:- 6% of RDI

Vitamin B2:- 11% of RDI

Magnesium:- 2% of RDI

Manganese and Potassium:- 3% of RDI.

Benefits of Coffee

1. Increased alertness:- It is the caffeine content in coffee that kicks the nervous system and improves several brain functions like feelings, thoughts, response time, attention, and alertness.

Hence it’s always a good pick me up for the lazy mornings.

2. Can Burn Body fat:- After green tea, coffee is the second most beverage that helps burn body fat.

Moreover, The caffeine content helps generate heat and breaks down the body fat by increasing the blood level of the hormone.

However, moderation is key because anything in excess does not help. Instead, it reverses the benefits.

3. Full of antioxidants:-

A coffee plant with red coffee beans on it.

While green coffee tops the antioxidant list.

Black Coffee also contains several antioxidants that help the body fight against free radical damage and reduce cancer and heart disease.

4. Can Promote gorgeous skin:- Coffee helps promote blood circulation in the body, which effectively reduces inflammation and helps you achieve healthy, radiant skin.

It also contains several antioxidants that repair cell damage and assist in forming new cells.

5. Lowers the risk of heart disease:- Coffee contains magnesium, which helps control the blood sugar level and lowers cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack.

6. Works as an Anti-depressant:- Coffee has some anti-depressant properties known to stimulate the nervous system and produce the hormones like Dopamine and Serotonin, which affect your mood, sleep, and energy.

7. Prevent type 2 diabetes:- Studies suggest that drinking coffee may prevent type 2 diabetes as coffee contains a bioactive compound known to decrease insulin sensitivity and regulate the fasting glucose levels in the body.

8. Great Pre-workout drink:- More often than not, the lethargy and inactiveness make people escape from workout sessions.

Since coffee is a stimulant, it helps in increasing alertness and performance during a workout.

9. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia:- Research reveals that coffee can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s as the caffeine content in it is known to block the inflammation in the brain, primarily adenosine receptors which causes a series of reactions in the brain which leads to a cognitive decline.

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